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Mississauga’s Full Service Auto Shop – Tune-Ups, Tires, Engines & More

Dixie Bloor Service is your one-stop shop for all types of automotive services and repairs. We handle everything from brakes, tires, and oil changes to suspension, safety inspections, engine repair, and transmissions. Our auto shop also carries a selection of automotive products including FRAM oil filters, Castrol oil products, and Total oil products. We sell only good quality, first line products which usually come with warranties ranging from 3 years to lifetime. No matter what your automotive need, Dixie Bloor Service can get it done. Contact us to book an appointment.


Get regular tune-ups to ensure your vehicle is running as it should. Today’s modern engines operate better and are more fuel efficient, but this doesn’t mean they would benefit from a tune-up. A tune-up today is very different from a tune-up two decades ago. While we still check spark plus, fluid levels, and filters, computers have made our inspections much easier. Computer controlled electronics in your engine allow us to take better diagnostic readings with our equipment. With frequent tune-ups, our mechanics can catch small problems before they become more expensive issues.


Dixie Bloor Service offers quick tire repairs – flats, rim leaks, rotations, and tire installations. High quality tires at affordable prices are in stock. We have very short wait times when it comes to your tire repairs.

Your tires can say a lot about your vehicle. Often the condition of your tires can offer early warning signs to other problems. For example, tires worn on one side may mean your vehicle is out of alignment. Realigning your vehicle can help improve fuel efficiency. Do you find that your car shakes at certain speeds? This could indicate you need a wheel balance. And worn shocks create other difficulties with your tires. So bring your vehicle in for tire maintenance today.

Air Conditioning

Beat the heat this summer with a well-maintained air conditioning system in your vehicle. Dixie Bloor Service offers repairs and installation. Older cars may still use the refrigerant Freon or R-12. This substance is harmful to the ozone layer, and we recommend that you get a conversion kit to modify the type of coolant your air conditioning unit will use, updating it to the less harmful R-134a. Whether you need a simple repair, plan to upgrade your coolant, or install a completely new system, Dixie Bloor Service has got your covered.

Exhaust System

When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, we always check your exhaust system. This allows us to catch small issues, like the potential for a broken clamp and repair it, before it could turn into a much more complex – and expensive – problem. While checking for these small issues alone won’t prevent exhaust failures, but it can help you save hundreds of dollars by detecting preventable repairs. If you do find that you need a new exhaust system, we can help there too. All of our mufflers come with a lifetime warranty.


At Dixie Bloor Service, we take your automatic transmissions maintenance very seriously. Your transmission is an important part of your vehicle, ensuring that it runs smoothly. When it comes to transmission repairs and maintenance, you need a professional. Trust the mechanics at Dixie Bloor Service. We know how to adjust the bands and replace the filters and fluid in your transmission to ensure it performs smoothly and quietly as it should when you need it to.
Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your transmission:

  • Don’t shift gears while the car is moving, always bring the vehicle to a full stop and then shift
  • Check fluid regularly; a dark colour or black specs may indicate a problem that needs professional attention
  • Pay attention to the gears you use while towing something with your vehicle; avoid overdrive and consider using fluid cooler to maintain your transmission’s correct temperature

Engine Repair & Timing Belts

Dixie Bloor Service provides a full line of engine repairs, from cylinder head repairs to complete engine replacement. Warranties are available for our engine repair work and parts. We also replace timing belts at the designated intervals which can help you avoid costly engine repairs. If a timing belt breaks it can bend engine valves, and damage pistons.

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