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Auto suspension

Front End Suspension Work in Mississauga

Dixie Bloor Service offers all front end suspension work to most makes and models. We handle maintenance and repairs for springs, struts, tie rods, ball joints, and control arms. We have first line parts available with lifetime warranties. So if you begin to notice that your vehicle rolls or sways on turns, your front end “dives” and rear end “squats” when braking, or experiences excessive bouncing on rough roads, then you may need your suspension checked.


Suspension Inspection – What to Expect

When you bring your vehicle in for suspension work, Dixie Bloor Service looks for different warning signs. Are there leaks in hosing, dents on the strut or shock body, abnormal tire wear, or damaged compression bumpers? These along with a number of other problems are noted before Dixie Bloor Service can provide a solution to your suspension problem.


If you are concerned that your vehicle’s suspension may need a tune-up, contact Dixie Bloor Service in Mississauga.


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